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Punch! 5 in 1 Home Design
Maintenance Update 3.5.1

This free Maintenance Update is for for US, Canadian, and Australian software versions only and is NOT compatible with European versions.

Punch! 5 in 1 Home Design Service Pack 3.5.2 adds functionality, increases tool performance and improves all previous versions of the Punch! Punch 5 in 1 product.

Steps to install your free maintenance update:

1. Download this file - 5in1Update351.EXE (16.1Mb)

2. Save file to your computer when prompted

3. Browse to where you saved the file

4. Double-click the file (5in1Update351.EXE)

5. Follow the prompts until install completes

Important Note

We strongly suggest a fresh install of your program from the original cd-rom, saved in a new directory. Then update the fresh install with the downloaded file.

Heavy server demand for patch files may affect your ability to access our ftp site during peak traffic times. If you receive an error such as "Page Cannot Be Displayed" when attempting a download, please try again at a later time. The page error is NOT due to broken links. Thank you for your patience.

If you experience download interruptions, consider a download manager utility.



Do you need this update?
If your software is currently Version 3.5.1 or higher, you do not need this update!

Checking Your Version
To check what software version is installed on your computer, on the Help menu, click About 5 in 1 Home Design. The version number is displayed on the splash screen that appears.











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