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Punch! Home Design and Landscape Professional 14.2.3
Maintenance Update

This update addresses approximately 80 stability and performance issues, including:

  • Improved rendering performance for designs that contain many windows and doors.
  • Ground fills more accurately follow topography features.
  • PhotoView editor now exports photographs correctly.
  • Fixed several issues related to rendering floors and decks with a pool object nearby.
  • Improved metric support in QuickStart.
  • Fixed several issues with cabinet rendering and appliance placement.
  • Outdoor cabinets now appear in the estimation lists.
  • Fixed a read/write issue in Ceiling Designer.
  • Foundation thicknesses are now set to 0" by default.
  • Fixed several issues related to placing hardware on doors and cabinets.
  • Gaps no longer appear between doors/windows and their respective casings.


Steps to install your free update:

Download a single file that will update your software

Download HLDPro1423Update.exe (10.4MB)

If you experience download interruptions, consider a download manager utility.

Heavy server demand for patch files may affect your ability to access our ftp site during peak traffic times. If you receive an error such as "Page Cannot Be Displayed" when attempting a download, please try again at a later time. The page error is NOT due to broken links.

Thank you for your patience.




Do you need this update?
All users of Home Design and Landscape Professional 14.2.1 are encouraged to install this update.

Checking Your Version
Under the Help menu, choose "About Punch! Home Design and Landscape Professional..." and the window will specify your version number.







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