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Punch! Home Design Studio 11.0.4
Maintenance Update

This free Maintenance Update is for US, Canadian, and Australian software versions only and is NOT compatible with European versions.

The Home Design Studio 11.0.4 Update:

  • Hip and gable roof textures now have the same vertical orientation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ClearView and wireframe modes to mesh together when using certain viewing tools.
  • Removed several unnecessary files from the help books.
  • The splitter position in the content panel is now saved between sessions.
  • Fixed a possible lockup condition in Roofing Assistant when working with walls that lie along certain angles.
  • Small roof panels generated in Roofing Assistant now have the correct slope orientation.
  • The top surfaces of floors and cabinets now render correctly in ClearView.
  • Improved performance when rendering multi-segment objects.

This patch also includes the following fixes from 11.0.3:

  • Improved reliability when using a design with a corrupt object.
  • Reduced sizes of most PowerTools.
  • A bottom panel is now built on decks with heights 6-inches and higher.
  • Fixed an issue where topography elevations would not display correctly in older documents.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing certain design colors would prevent new documents from loading.
  • Fixed a content panel issue where selecting certain colors would not change the preexisting color.
  • The 2D plan view is no longer distorted when navigating in LiveView.
  • Cabinet toe kick depths no longer incorrectly change when adjusting toe kick heights.
  • Made a few small verbiage changes in Roofing Assistant.
  • Added an option in Topography Designer to remove the topography trace image.
  • Improved topography contour object selection in Topography Designer.

This patch also includes the following fixes from 11.0.2:

  • Improved reliability when opening newer version designs from Finder.
  • Textured surfaces no longer appear white when using the camera tool.
  • Textured surfaces no longer appear white when using the 2D viewpoint tool.
  • Corrupted or otherwise invalid objects are now removed when opening designs.
  • Improved texture mapping support in many cases.
  • Floor plan trace images can now be removed if they failed to load.
  • Lengths now appear correctly in the status bar when resizing the virtual ruler.
  • Fixed several issues where the inspector would indicate that objects with identical dimensions had different dimensions.
  • The "Floor Cutout Properties" and "Deck Cutout Properties" labels now appear correctly in the inspector.
  • The deck cutout tool inspector now displays the correct height.
  • Deck cutout heights are no longer 1" lower than the deck height.
  • Fixed an issue where the current tab and toolset was not updated when performing an undo/redo.
  • Fixed an issue where the current floor was not updated when performing an undo/redo.
  • Inspector values are now updated when switching the plan units.
  • An undo action is now stored when importing a 3D object from the file menu.
  • The current document no longer disappears when importing a corrupted 3D object.
  • VRML extensions are now hidden when "Hide Extension" is checked in the save panel.
  • Dimensions and circular arcs are now placed correctly when only a single click is used.
  • Diameter dimensions are now drawn correctly when scaling and translating.
  • Pathway areas are now calculated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a PowerTool's icon in the PowerTool Launcher would not select the entry.
  • Fixed an issue where wireframe and ClearView showed up simultaneously when tracking with the 2D viewpoint indicator.
  • Minor visual improvements to artwork.
  • Cabinet Assistant no longer tries to adjust the background lighting.
  • Visually improved printed polylines defining areas on RealModel wall templates that need to be cut out.
  • Window and door cutouts in RealModel are now filled with solid white instead of a diagonal pattern.
  • Fixed roof template number orientation in RealModel.
  • Fixed a small verbiage problem in Topography Designer.
  • Removed the "Float Above Topography" option from Topography Designer as it is not needed.
  • "Rendering Options..." now appears disabled when LiveView is not open in Topography Designer.
  • Object elevations now appear correctly in Topography Designer.

This patch also includes the following fixes from 11.0.1:

  • High-resolution JPEGs now work with PhotoView.
  • Improved reliability when opening designs from newer versions of Punch! products.
  • Force-quitting a PowerTool when an open or save panel is open now works.
  • The plan view is now centered when launching PowerTools for designs with various lot sizes.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect results would appear when searching for objects.
  • Improved reliability when printing wall templates in RealModel.
  • Ridge heights are now calculated and displayed correctly.
  • The object-level and point-level options now work correctly when drawing detail objects.
  • You will now be prompted to save designs that are modified when the undo system is deactivated.
  • Corrected a redraw issue with the elevation slider knob.
  • The filename is now reset when creating a new cabinet in Cabinet Assistant.
  • Improved handling of corrupted objects that contain no points.
  • Trim is now mitered correctly along outer wall corners.
  • Trim no longer appears at the bottom of standard doors. This prevents it from cutting into any lower floors.
  • Other performance and resource usage fixes.


Steps to install your free
Home Design Studio 11.0.4 Maintanence Update

Download a single file that will update your version of Home Design Studio to 11.0.4

1. Download HDS_11_0_4_Update.dmg (33.6MB)

2. Save file to computer when prompted

3. Browse to where you saved the file

4. Double-click the file

5. Follow the prompts until install completes

If you experience download interruptions, consider a download manager utility.

Heavy server demand for patch files may affect your ability to access our ftp site during peak traffic times. If you receive an error such as "Page Cannot Be Displayed" when attempting a download, please try again at a later time. The page error is NOT due to broken links.

Thank you for your patience.




Do you need this update?
All users of Home Design Studio 11.0.0 through 11.0.3 are encouraged to install this update.

Checking Your Version
Under the Home Design Studio menu, choose "About Punch! Home Design Studio..." and the dialog box will specify your version number.







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