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Punch! Home Design Studio 14.1.7
Maintenance Update

This update is for the English version of Home Design Studio 14.1.x only! This will not update Home Design Studio 11.0.x or Home Design Studio Pro 12.0.x.


Steps to install your free
Home Design Studio 14.1.7 Maintanence Update

Download a single file that will update your copy of Home Design Studio to 14.1.7

Download HDS_14_1_7_Update.dmg (808MB)


The Home Design Studio 14.1.7 Update includes fixes for:

  • Videos: Videos now play correctly on Snow Leopard.

This update also includes fixes from previous updates, including:

Version 14.1.6:
  • 2D: Nudging 2D objects will now keep their associated 2D profiles within the selection bounds box.
  • Install: Fixed a launch issue for users upgrading from 14.1.0 to 14.1.5.
Version 14.1.5:
  • 2D: Fixed several memory leaks related to drawing room fills and perimeter outlines.
  • 3D: Back splashes no longer re-enable themselves randomly.
  • 3D: Cabinet appliances no longer rotate randomly when deleting certain wall configurations.
  • 3D: Fixed several door and window rendering issues for designs with very high walls or very small lots.
  • DXF Exporting: Fixed an issue where the extension would remain DXF when exporting to a DWG file.
  • Green Tips: Fixed several missing green tip issues.
  • Web Services: Fixed a crash that might occur when selecting a file to send to the plotting service.
Version 14.1.4:
  • Templates: Fixed a rare crash that occurred when inserting a template into your design.
Version 14.1.3:
  • 2D: Structure perimeters and room interiors are no longer selectable using the tracking marquee.
  • 2D: Walls no longer appear on plans that do not have the "floor" and/or "foundation" plans visible.
  • 2D: Fixed an issue when placing a custom door when the door hardware inspector was visible.
  • 3D: Fixed a potential 3D tilt lockup situation for customers using multi-touch hardware and other devices.
  • Content: Fixed a ceiling fan that had a double 2D profile.
Version 14.1.2:
  • 2D: Added the ability to nudge wall attachments using the up, down, left, and right keys.
  • 3D: Door hardware no longer disappears when switching to a custom door style.
  • 3D: Fixed an issue where door hardware would render at a swing of 180 degrees more than the actual door angle.
  • 3D: Fixed an issue where door hardware would appear flipped on the opposite side of the door.
  • Content: Fixed several object preview and missing texture issues.
  • Content: Objects now have simplified 2D profiles that allow for faster 2D drawing.
  • On-line Content: Fixed a rare crash that occurred when closing a document.
  • UI: Double-clicking on the selection or rotation tool no longer deselects all of the objects.

Version 14.1.1:
  • 2D: Grouped objects such as ceiling fans and symbols now highlight correctly.
  • 3D: Fixed an issue where floor cutouts on upper floors would not cut out ceilings of lower floors.
  • 3D: Converting detail objects to rails now results in correct texture assignments.
  • 3D: Staircase landing balusters are now textured correctly when applying a new material or color.
  • 3D: Fixed an issue where geometry from a previously opened design would appear when opening or creating a design.
  • 3D: Textures placed on walls now have the correct horizontal orientation.
  • Content: Fixed several ceiling fans that lacked mounting hardware.
  • Estimator: Wall studs now appear correctly in the estimation lists.
  • Estimator: Framing items now appear correctly in the estimation lists.
  • Estimator: Minor interface corrections and improvements.
  • General: Undo and redo work more reliably when converting CAD primitives to 2D/3D objects.
  • General: Undo and redo work more reliably when using the automatic roof/ceiling/soffit tool.
  • Green Tips: Corrected several content issues and improved tip readability by increasing the font size.
  • Green Tips: Fixed an issue where imported SketchUp objects with green tips would not appear correctly with green functionality activated.
  • RealModel: Fixed an issue where wall template numbers appeared backwards in some cases.
  • SketchUp: Added support for importing SketchUp v7 files.
  • Topography: The "Convert to Building Pad" button no longer stays disabled when switching from multiple selections to a single selection.
  • Topography: Improved topography generation reliability when using undo and redo.
  • UI: Placing a shower or a bath tub will no longer attempt to reset back to the edit tool.



Do you need this update?
All users of Home Design Studio 14.1.x are encouraged to install this update.

Checking Your Version
Under the Home Design Studio menu, choose "About Punch! Home Design Studio..." and the window will specify your version number.







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