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Punch! Home Design Studio 15.0.1
Maintenance Update

Please note that this update is for the English version of Home Design Studio 15.0.x only. This version will not update copies purchased in the Apple App Store. Those updates are automatcially distributed via Apple's App Store application.


Steps to install your free
Home Design Studio 15.0.1 Maintanence Update

Download a single file that will update your copy of Home Design Studio to 15.0.1

Download HDS_15_0_1_Update.dmg (210MB)


The Home Design Studio 15.0.1 Update includes several new features and important bug fixes, and is recommended for all users.

New Features
  • Home Design Studio now includes an automatic update feature! This will periodically check our servers and notify you about available updates. Please see the release notes in the installer for more information.
  • Added ACME Brick texture library.
  • Added Karastan Rugs object and texture libraries.
  • Added additional wood textures to the Bonus Material Library.
  • Added additional siding textures to the Bonus Material Library.

Resolved Issues
  • 3D: Fixed a crash that occurred when pressing the Escape key during a final render.
  • UI: You can now open sample plans when no document windows are open.
  • UI: The text fields on the QuickStart inspector no longer cut off on the right edge of the window.



Do you need this update?
All users of Home Design Studio 15.0.x are encouraged to install this update.

Checking Your Version
Under the Home Design Studio menu, choose "About Home Design Studio..." and the window will specify your version number.







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