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Punch! Site Planner 10.5.1
Maintenance Update

This free Maintenance Update is for US, Canadian, and Australian software versions only and is NOT compatible with European versions.

The Site Planner Update:

  • Improves reliability when printing designs to certain printers.
  • Improves overall reliability when manipulating your property line.
  • Improves angle checking when creating/editing coordinates.
  • Improves displaying coordinates in relative mode.
  • Fixes an issue where it was possible to create zero-length line segments.
  • Fixes an issue where the property line dimensions were not shown in some cases.
  • Fixes an issue where Ctrl+N would not always create a new document.
  • The LiveView indicator is no longer displayed on the 2D plan.
  • The 2D view is now reset when creating a new design or opening an existing design.


Steps to install your free
Site Planner 10.5.1 Maintanence Update

Download a single file that will update your current version of Site Planner 10.5.1

1. Download this file - SitePlanner_1051_Update.exe

2. Save file to computer when prompted

3. Browse to where you saved the file

4. Double-click the file

5. Follow the prompts until install completes

If you experience download interruptions, consider a download manager utility.

Heavy server demand for patch files may affect your ability to access our ftp site during peak traffic times. If you receive an error such as "Page Cannot Be Displayed" when attempting a download, please try again at a later time. The page error is NOT due to broken links.

Thank you for your patience.




Do you need this update?
If you own a Punch! product and Site Planner is installed and lower than version 10.5.1 you will need this update.

Checking Your Version
Under the Help menu in Site Planner, choose "About Punch! Site Planner..." and the dialog box will specify your version number.







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